UXKick UI/UX Design strategy service offering customized user research service involve first click test, surveys, parallel design, rapid prototyping.

User Research

User research focuses on understanding  user behavior, needs, and interaction through various quantitative and qualitative techniques in the process of solving the user’s problem.

The techniques adopted in user research will depend on the type of website, digital system or mobile application being developed and other factors like timeline, environment.

Few of the techniques used by us are :

  • First click testing
  • Focus Group
  • Expert review
  • Parallel designing
  • Surveys 
  • Rapid prototyping 
  • Task analysis


  • To create products/websites that are relevant to your targeted audience
  • To ensure your system deliver a great user experience 
  • To create products with higher Return of Investment
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Usability Testing

Usability Testing is a technique to evaluate how easy a website, product or mobile application to use. The real word user is asked to perform certain tasks to measure “intuitiveness” and how easy is the product to use for the users to reach their goals. The usability lets the design and development team identify the problem before even they are implemented saving the time and costs incurred when detected at the later stages.

Few of the techniques used by us are :

  • Card sorting
  • Tree Testing
  • Split Testing
  • Multivariate Testing


  • Reduce Business risk
  • Get unbiased feedback
  • Build Empathy
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UXKick UI/UX Design strategy service offering customized Usability Testing service involve card sort, tree test, A/B test, multivariate testing.