About UXKick

We are an creative design agency of UI/UX Designers, Information Architect, Usability Analysts, Interaction designers who are thought leaders in their respective domains. Our team has worked on a variety of projects ranging from legacy systems, Responsive websites, Mobile applications, E-commerce solutions, IOT projects, Content Management solutions catering to a clientele of start-ups to Enterprises.

We take pride in the work we do and deliver catering to the enormity of Industries ranging from Consumer good & Retails, Internet companies, Telecommunication providers, Banking & Finance, Oil & Gas and Hospitality with over a decade of experience.

Our life is

Frittered away

By detail

Vision and Values

We help our clients in crafting world-class user-centric designs for their business sustenance and growth.


We are firm believers of customer centricity and we strive at being customer-centric organization by putting ourselves into the customer’s shoes to minimize customer effort and increase customer value. We put our customer at the heart of organization not just by providing great customer service but also offering a great experience right from the awareness stage, through the onboarding process and finally through post-purchase process. 


We execute all the projects through experienced associates who carry a decade of rich experience along with strong knowledge of usability heuristics, Gestalt principles, basics of cognitive psychology.  Our team’s strong adherence to the processes and robust communication with stakeholders brings a whole different creative perspective to make the project delivery successful.


we live in a world of profound, accelerating, and intensifying disruption and discontinuity, a genuine paradigm shift calling for innovation as an inevitable factor of existence.so we constantly foster innovation from our potential innovators while giving them freedom and at the same time maintaining discipline that sparks a deeper passion for the work.

Key to success

Success won’t fall in your lap, you have to go after it. Likewise, we will be your partner in our customer’s success story and are willing to go the extra mile to see them succeed in their business ventures or projects.
We work relentlessly with them with a plan, strategy, commitment and dedication to making their project success which will attribute to our success story as an organization.

Abhilash BS Profile Pic is one of the co-founder of UXKick

Abhilash BS


Abhilash has over eight years of professional experience as a Lead UX Designer. As a co-founder with UXKick, Abhilash leads the team in the areas of creative strategy, design approach in executing the design service projects. He holds an MBA specializing in Business Analytics.

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